"Plantation of Dreams
Contrary to popular belief, all Mississippi River plantations were not built north of New Orleans. More than 60 homes once graced the 90 miles of river from the Crescent City (New Orleans) to the Gulf of Mexico. Yet today, only one remains open to the public - Woodland. Now serving as a bed-and-breakfast and restaurant, it's singular in its generous hospitality."
Southern Living Magazine

Featured on Southern Comforts labels since 1934
National Register of Historic Places

When you think of southern comfort, sitting in a rocking chair on the broad veranda of an antebellum home on a warm summer's day is more likely to come to mind than "Southern Comfort", the Grande Old Drink of the south. At Woodland Plantation, the country home of southern comfort as we refer to it, you will find both.

Spirits Hall, circa 1883
Just 40 minutes south of New Orleans, Woodland and Spirits Hall offer outstanding service and cuisine in a unique setting rich in history, culture and natural beauty. You will discover a fascinating land and people when you travel down into the Deep Mississippi Delta. The Deep Delta is also quite possibly the top fishery in North America. For all your celebrations, from large social gatherings to an intimate weekend rendezvous, Woodland is sure to please.


Woodland Plantation and Spirits Hall
21997 Highway 23 • West Pointe a la Hache, LA 70083
(504) 656-9990 • (800) 231-1514

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